Welcome to Cable's story:
Here you will learn of her life.

Cable, full name Cable Ann Mudd Flats, was found on the Appalachian Trail at the Cable Gap Shelter on July 6, 1999. It was a hot summers day, and a stormy afternoon. When I first saw her she was skinny, trembling, and afraid of everything. By the skittish way she was acting and by what appeared to be welts on her head, I believe that it was possible that Cable had been abused. Note the two black dots oh her head. These are the scars left from where the vet cleaned and removed what she thought to be cigarette ashes that Cable was burned with. The vet that first saw Cable thought her to be about 18 mo. in age, but she had already had a litter of pups. Cable had been abused, used for pups, and left for dead in the woods.

After doing what was necessary for Cable to get her back to good health and spending all my free time with her, I began to realize some things about Cable:

By my observations I concluded that Cable had been abused by a cigarette smoking, frying pan carrying, man. What a guy!!At that time I was living in prime hunting territory, and I became quite curious about the treatment of hunting dogs. I'd seen the cages they ride in in the trucks, and had seen some small fenced rows of cages on people property, which led me to believe that they were not taken care of in the best of ways. I was never able to come close to any hunters home, and see how many people treat there dogs, but I do know that some dogs are treated poorly.

I want to take time to say here that not all hunters treat their dogs poorly and abuse them. Hopefully the majority do not. I do know plenty of hunters who have dogs that are treated wonderfully and are just as loved as Cable is. But my devotion is to those who do mistreat their animals with poor living conditions, mal-nutrition, and physical abuse. Dogs DO NOT DESERVE THIS, and it must STOP!

Cable is now a fat and happy house dog who is the ruler in my household.

my little baby cable